Friday, June 26, 2009

Washington Irving Monument, 1915

Intersection of West Easton St. and Vancouver Ave near Owen Park

In 1832 a group of U.S. Rangers with civilian observers came through this area. Among them was Washington Irving, perhaps the best known American author of the time. On October 14, the party was traveling to their camp destination at the convergence of the Cimarron and Arkansas Rivers. Pausing briefly at a lookout point, Irving enjoyed the panorama from the hilltop in the Owen Park neighborhood. The descriptions of the view can be found in his book, Tour of the Prairies. A monument to this event stands at the corner of Easton Boulevard and Vancouver Avenue. This monument was erected and donated to the public by Mr. and Mrs. Gabriel Norman Wright in 1915.


  1. Hello,
    It's very interresting to read about american history. I like it very much !
    LEt us discover your country !

  2. Vous ici !!!
    je sens que nous allons nous régaler avec l'histoire de Tulsa !