Monday, October 12, 2009

Sherman Residence, 1937

7228 South Evanston Avenue

Howard J. Sherman originally built this two-story house of steel reinforced concrete on a hilltop in the country 7 miles south of downtown Tulsa. He called his property "the farm" and raised turkeys there.

Mr. Sherman was the seventeenth employee of the Phillips Petroleum Company in Bartlesville. He later moved to Tulsa to form McIntyre-Sherman-Cummings which obtained interests in the Texas Oil Field discovery of 1936.

This house is vertically massed with open decks topped with a triple pipe railing. There is a curved second floor balcony and a porte cochere allowing automobile approach to a side door.

What was out in the country in 1937 is now a neighborhood of beautiful homes on spacious lots In what would be called "near South" Tulsa. (Excerpted from Tulsa Preservation Commission)


  1. That was my Grandfather's house for some 30 yrs. His name was David Beach. The best part of it are inside. The main living area curves around and there is a curved wet bar that looks like it's out of an old deco hotel. The house had the feel of an ocean liner. Doors that open up into a great swimming pool in the back yard. Beautiful BBQ pit was to the left of the house. A small Horse stables in the back below the pool. My grandfather back then owned many acres and could actually ride his horse from there all the way to Southern Hill Country club.Oral Roberts house was behind this down the hill and the Shakleys were across the street. I had great memories of this place growing up. Thanks for posting the photos. Dan Beach

  2. Thank you very much for this comment. I would love to see the inside of this beautiful home. You were fortunate to have such wonderful memories of the place.