Tuesday, June 23, 2009

Carlton Place - Old Tulsa, 1910 to 1915

East 14th St. and South Cheyenne Ave.

The area near downtown Tulsa around 14th and Cheyenne was called Carlton Place when it was developed about the time of statehood. Recall that Oklahoma only became a state in 1907. This photo was taken in 1913. The brick pillars and wrought iron arch were built in 1909. A good article is found HERE.

The pillars are still standing but the arch is gone. Most of the old houses are still here. Because it is so close to the center of Tulsa it is a very desirable place to live if you work downtown.

This lovely old residential area is almost in the middle of downtown Tulsa. It is typical of neighborhoods built prior to 1920 with solid homes on tree lined streets.

Big front porches, flags, and sidewalks are of an older time when prople walked around after dinner and visited with their neighbors.


  1. In the late 1970's, the Tulsa Historic Preservation Office commissioned plans to recontruct the Carlton Place arch. Like most of the Office's archives, I imagine they corrently reside at the Tulsa County Library.

  2. The arch was knocked down a couple of years ago by a moving truck... So sad they didn't replace it.