Tuesday, June 23, 2009

Frank Lloyd Wright's "Westhope", 1929

3704 S. Birmingham Avenue

This 10,000 square foot home was built for his cousin Richard Lloyd Jones in 1929 when Jones was editor and publisher of the Tulsa Tribune. This view looks West towards the long axis of the house. The trees surrounding the house make it difficult to get a photograph which does justice to the interesting design. For some vintage photos see HERE , or current exterior photos see HERE . Some interesting biographical information relating to this house can be read HERE CLICK ON THE PICTURE TO ENLARGE.

A view from the front (looking South). The estate includes a guesthouse, workshop, and a nice garden area with pool in the back. I would love to see the interior but I do not know who is living there now. This is one of only 3 Oklahoma buildings created by architect Frank Lloyd Wright.


  1. I was lucky enough, and a very cool lady- to this day thank you-was kind enough to hire me to hang Christmas lights there in the early eighties. The architecture is just gaspingly neat. The pool area has a "trail" with steppingstones leading to a "floating" staircase to the second (vaulted) floor. The living room is magnificent with a dual room, double wide fireplace. The servants quarters at the end of the service wing is multi level, and in a town like say N.Y.C. would rent for several grand a month by itself! MAGNIFICENT piece of work, and those two story ceilings/atrium windows, and some serious five by ten fooot (?) glass doors is just, I don't know- fascinating.? A treasure. A real treasure.

  2. Don't go here. A mean-looking man will block your car, jump out and threaten to have you arrested if you stop in front.