Sunday, July 26, 2009

Burtner N. Fleeger Residence, 1937

2424 East 29th Street

This residence was designed by Frederick V. Kershner. As the first monolithic concrete house in Tulsa, this Streamline style residence has walls of reinforced poured concrete, 12-14 inches thick, which were engineered by the Portland Cement Company. The exterior is striated with narrow horizontal bands and the wings are composed of intersecting rectangular blocks. The house is situated on an uneven lot, massed to the highest point above the entry, with banded, flat roof levels stepped down like a series of stairs to the garage. The front location of the garage was very unusual for its time.


  1. Thanks for these fine photographs. I would be most curious to know more, see plans, etcetera. Beautiful project.

  2. I am the Granddaughter of Burtner N. Fleeger. I have in my possession, original photographs of this house while it was being built. I also have some photos of parties and gatherings that took place here in the 1930's. A few years back, I stopped here, talked with the owner briefly and offered to share the photos. He was not the least bit interested. He turned me away. I have never been able to see the inside. I never knew my grandparents. Burtner Fleeger died before I was born and Jan Fleeger died when I was 2 weeks old. From what I know, they must have been very interesting people. I am almost haunted by this.....I thirst for more info about my family.

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  4. Burtner Fleeger didn't have a middle name or a middle initial. FYI

    1. Mandy my cuzzo is correct no middle name.