Wednesday, July 22, 2009

William D. Whenthoff Residence, 1935

1142 S. College Avenue

The building is constructed of bricks over tiles blocks, and then painted to look like stucco. This house at 1142 South College Avenue, built in 1935 for William D. Whenthoff by Joseph R. Koberling, architect, was designed in the streamlined ship style with two-stories of brick laid over tile blocks and painted to look like stucco.

A second story balcony serves as a canopy for the entry and wraps around the house. Its triple railing creates the illusion of a ship’s bridge with an exterior ladder running from the second floor to the flat roof. There are two porthole windows, one on the first floor by the entry and the other above the second floor entry. (Excepted from Tulsa Preservation Commission)


  1. Back when I was in grade school, in the 1940's, my friend, Sheila Liles lived with her parents in this house. I still live in the 1300 block of South Florence Place and pass this house almost every day. I still think it's one of the most charming and innovative dwellings in the area.

    -Rocky Frisco

  2. I am working on a Masters Degree in Historic Preservation, and this house is the topic of my research project this quarter. I am in desperate need of information from people that have lived in the house since it was built in about 1935. The land records show that Whenthoff acquired the property in 1937, so even the date of construction is unclear. Also, it is now doubtful that Koberling designed the house. If someone could contact me at with leads, that would be great! I only have about one week left to do research.