Friday, September 11, 2009

Fifteenth and South Boston, Looking East

15th and S. Boston looking East in 1956.

It looks like the Tulsa police are working a fender bender involving what, at that time, would have been a new Buick. A crowd has gathered to kibitz and the street looks busy with parked cars and traffic. The men on the street are in shirtsleeves and the trees are leafed out so I assume this is summertime. (photo courtesy of the Beryl Ford Collection/Rotary Club of Tulsa, Tulsa City-County Library and Tulsa Historical Society)

15th and S. Boston looking East in 1962.

There are fewer buildings on the left side of the street and less traffic. The trees are bare and garlands are strung on the buildings on the Southeast corner so I assume this is in December. The railroad overpass is still seen in the distance.

15th and S. Boston looking East in September 2009.

The service station and other businesses on the north side of 15th Street have all disappeared and a parking lot for a new medical clinic are in their place. On the southeast corner the same buildings are in place, now housing The Gadget Company and Mrs. De Haven's Flower Shop. The flower shop claims to have been business since 1905, although I rather doubt at this same location. The railroad trestle is gone and an overpass for South Cincinnati crosses 15th in the near distance. The rail right-of-way is now a bicycle path that runs to the pedestrian bridge over the Arkansas river.

The only things that appear in all 3 pictures are the southeast corner building that's now the Gadget Company, the small building beyond it, and a pair of manhole covers on this side of the street.


  1. Hard to believe, but the road surface appears smoother now than in 1956. Lived in the area since 1960.

  2. I love seeing the "now and then" photos.

  3. I just love stuff like this. Old photographs and new.