Friday, September 18, 2009

Home Federal Savings (BOK), 1956

East 31st Street and Harvard Avenue (Northeast Corner)

Built in Art Moderne style in 1956 by Koberling and Brandberg, the same architects that built the KVOO television studio.

Initially built as Home Federal Savings and Loan, it is now one of the Bank of Oklahoma locations in Tulsa.


  1. In 1970 Bartlett-Collins in Sapulpa designed drinking glasses in honor of Home Federal Savings & Loan's 50 year anniversary (1920-1070). They are gold rimmed and have been etched with the Savings & Loan's logo, a pig circled in gold and the 1920 Saint Gaudens Double Eagle Coin face. Now 45 years old, I have two sets of these glasses still in the original boxes for sale on Craigslist with photos, if anyone is interested. Kristy

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  3. The photos above are not of the original design. I would like to see some of the original photos with the vertical and horizontal sun screens in place.

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