Monday, September 21, 2009

Tulsa Fire Station No. 3, Old 1909, New 2009

1013 East 3rd Street
One of Tulsa's oldest oldest fire stations, this was built in 1909 and remodeled in 1948. It has since been converted into a commercial property but seems to be vacant at the moment.

62 North Utica
The new station number 3 is a far cry from the old one. Sorry but I could not find the year it was built. The photo is from September 2009.


  1. The original fire station #3 at the very top was closed in 1948 before the remodel. They moved to 1339 E. 1st to a new station that was designed by architect John Wesley Robb. That station was closed in 1966 to be demolished for the construction of I-244. The current station #3 above at 61 N. Utica was opened in 1967. The architects were Wilkinson and Walker. I am not sure, but this might have been one of the stations built from the funds from the 1962 Fire Station Bond Issue Project.
    If I can answer any questions about the Tulsa fire stations let me know. I have researched every one of them and I have been through them and also seen the blue prints.
    Rachel Shoemaker

  2. i work at 3's and have been through the original 3's. nice to see someone else cares about TFD history , because tradition and recoginition of it, has been officially banned by the tulsa fire department.

  3. What exactly is it that stands at 1339 East 1st Street? Is it the station that was built in 1948 and designed by Robb? I know it is now a commercial property called The Station. Thanks, Claudia Patrick