Tuesday, September 8, 2009

Oak Lawn Cemetery Gates, 1930

1120 East 8th Street

The Oak Lawn Cemetery gates are listed as art deco treasures by Wikipedia but there is no information about the designer. Neither is it clear where they are located. Oak Lawn Cemetery is north and west of the intersection of East 11th Street and South Peoria Avenue. The gates are on the north side of the cemetery where the American Legion Post One is located. The address given here is that of the American Legion. Go north of 11th Street on Peoria and turn left (west) on 8th Street to the American Legion and look back south to the gates. If you go a little farther to the end of 8th street you will be at the Fire Alarm Building.

The gates are striking in their design. They have a "Frank Lloyd Wright"ish look about them that is clearly of an art deco influence. They are in good repair. When I first went to look at them a month ago they were being tuck pointed. I would like to know more about them and hope that a reader can add to the discussion.


  1. You have a good eye for interesting things. I never gave those gates a second look.

  2. I passed that cemetery walking to and from school for three years and never noticed the Posts. Now they are digging up mass graves due to the historical black wall-street riots of 100 yrs ago. I've never been inside that cemetery, now when I drive past there are street people sleeping inside. I think there is a Frank Lloyd Wright designed home across the street from the park.