Monday, August 17, 2009

Hawk Dairy Building, 1948

2415 East 11th Street

The original Hawk Dairy building was built in 1937 and stood immediately east of the "new" building built in 1948. That original building and related resources were demolished in 1962. The remaining building is historically significant in its own right.

The Hawk Dairies is an excellent example of post-World War II Modernist architecture as applied to a dairy processing plant. Constructed in 1947-1948 by Tulsa contractor Jack Owen Stegall, the building was designed by Kansas City, Missouri, architect Gerad W. Wolf. The construction of the building dramatically boosted the production capabilities of Hawk Dairies, allowing it to expand its product lines, trade territory and the number of farmers from whom it purchased milk. In addition to processing milk using the latest production means, the company incorporated a retail outlet for their product in the new building. (Excepted from a report prepared by historian Cynthia Savage for the Tulsa Preservation Commission)


  1. I recently found a wood/tin milk crate with small milk bottles. I think they are lunch milks for schools. It has Hawk Dairies Tulsa on the wood part.


  3. I believe my mom worked at the ice shoppe in this bldg in 1951 possibly. She is 89 & doesn't recall having tables to eat ice cream just having ppl get their treats & go.she rev as pls wearing a uniform. Does anyone recall? And can fill any of her missing memories? Thx!