Tuesday, August 18, 2009

Jesse D. Davis Residence, 1936

3231 South Utica Avenue

This residence was designed by Frances Davis. Constructed of brick and wood on concrete, its prominent glass bay is suggestive of the ship imagery popular in Streamline residences. Corner windows and horizontal ribbon windows emphasize the streamlining, and a porthole window carries out the ship motif.

The most unusual element of the house is a three-story structural column of hollow fluted wood, extending from the basement through the second floor. It is 2 feet in diameter, 26 feet high, and was the largest of its kind in Oklahoma when built. It is the central feature in the house and is enclosed by a spiral staircase. This house also boasts the distinction of being the first all-electric home in Tulsa. (Excepted from Tulsa Preservation Commission)

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