Saturday, August 15, 2009

Milady’s Cleaners Building, 1930

1736-38 East 11th Street

This two-story building housed Milady’s Cleaners. The first floor is covered with buff colored terra cotta. The second floor is covered with cream colored stucco which blends with the terra cotta.

Detail of Terra Cotta tile on facade.

The building’s windows are surrounded with sculptured terra cotta depicting flowers, various fruits, and leaping stags. The building had cold storage for furs and utilized an underground spring for its cleaning process. (Excepted from Tulsa Preservation Commission)

Since 1967 this building has housed La Maison Inc., which sells residential lighting fixtures.


  1. Great posts and pictures these past few weeks. I thought I was already following you but apparently I wasn't! I am now.

  2. Thank you. It frustrates me a bit that I can find no other information for some of these other than the Tulsa Preservation Commission. I am adding new and hopefully improved photographs to these but not much real history. My problem is that I am relying on Google to find things on the internet and there is not much out there for some of these buildings.

    Your piece on old Tulsa movie houses was good. Especially the pictures in the TulsaGal version. There is not much room in the THS newsletter. It is a shame they were torn down. In particular I mourn the passing of the pipe organs that were built into the theaters and schools of that time. The coming of electronic sound systems made them redundent.

    The offer of coffee is still good. Take care.

  3. E. Dick Bendel President La Maison Inc.June 10, 2017 at 12:39 PM

    The Current owners of this building is La Maison Inc. The Company has owned the building sense early 1970s. Milady's cleaners when built had a close relationship to Miss Jacksons dept. store. The Basement of this building had two Fur storage vaults with climate control for Miss Jackson customer's as well as customer's in the region during that time. one Vault still remains to this day.