Saturday, August 22, 2009

Tulsa Fire Station No. 7, Old 1946, New 2000

601 South Lewis Avenue

The first fire station number 7 was opened in this location July 1, 1921. It was remodeled in 1946 and again in 1967. (old photo courtesy of City of Tulsa.)

The original Fire Station No. 7 building was sold and remodeled and is now used by a landscaping company.

Old No. 7 from the rear. The original glass block panels are still in place in this view.

3005 E. 15th Street

The new Station No. 7 opened in 2000 at 15th and College.


  1. Fire station #7 was opened July 1, 1921 but this is not it. It is speculated that it may have been at this location and torn down much like what happened with FS#5. I have studied the blue prints for this station. This station, by Joseph R. Koberling, was as the blue prints say "to be erected" at 6th and Lewis, are dated 4-24-42. However, fire station #7 was not built until 1947 and those revised blue prints are dated 8-18-47. I believe the original FS#7 may have been like old #8 on Trenton and #9 on Phoenix, judging from the pictures I have seen of it. This was the one of two fire stations that Koberling designed, the other is #14 at 36th and Lewis. November 22, 1966 architect Russell L. Magee remodeled station #7. At this time the screened half circular porch was enclosed, the window AC units were removed with caution because they were property of the firefighters (per the blue prints LOL) and a a roof mounted heating and air unit was installed.
    Rachel Shoemaker

    1. Rachel, do you have any info on fire station #8? If so, could we correspond via email? I can be reached at

  2. I am researching Fire Station No. 8 for a Masters class in Historic Preservation. Do you have any leads on info such as the architect, blueprints, photos, etc.