Sunday, August 9, 2009

Wheatley Bros Foundry & Machine Co., Pre-1942

3303 Charles Page Boulevard

Although this building shows the influence of Streamline Art Deco it is not listed in any architectural archive that I can find. Industrial buildings do not seem to be as interesting as other structures.

The Wheatley Brothers Foundry and Machine Company was listed in the Machinist's Monthly Journal of the International Association of Machinists, Volume LIV, 1942. Obviously this puts the construction prior to 1942. It probably has some interesting history but it may be lost to everyone but the family if any remain. This building is located on the curve of Charles Page Boulevard just south of Knotty Pine Barbecue. It is currently used as a facility for Tulsa Housing Authority and looks to be in good repair.

If the reader knows more about this building please leave a comment.


  1. Bill,

    I came across your blog post on the Wheatley Bros. Foundry building in Tulsa.

    I understand that it was Frank and Tom Wheatley (originally from Kansas City) responsible for the building. According to our historic notes on the company, in 1916 the brothers opened Wheatley Bros. Foundry. After two years their business had expended, so they changed the name to Wheatley Brothers Foundry & Machine Shop and moved to Tulsa, Oklahoma. Therefore, that building was most likely built before 1918 (probably a few years before).

    Our notes indicate that eventually the brothers formed three separate companies out of the original Wheatley Bros. Foundry & Machine Shop. And eventually all three came together again, and Cameron came to own the Tom Wheatley and Wheatley brands in 2005 when it made major acquisitions from Dresser Valve Inc.

    So that is my insight – thought you would be interested.


    Dylan Roberts

  2. Wheatly Bros is listed in the 1932 City Directory as "Hale Station" which is 620 E. 33rd W. Ave, same as 3303 Charles Page Blvd. They are listed until at least 1958. I could find no reference in the 1920 City Directory.

  3. I own a 35in.plug a roo aluminum fire hydrant wrench made by the frank wheatly co. Of tulsa . 6 inch pc6225 .does anyone know how collectable it is or what it's worth ?