Thursday, August 27, 2009

Midwest Marble and Tile Building, 1945

507 South Quaker Avenue

This building was designed by Robert E. West. This simple, white rectangular-plan building has an interesting facade. Its small radiused corners are highlighted by two separated bands of black marble tile at the cornice. The smooth walls curve inward at the entrance, topped with a projected concrete lintel. (Excepted from Tulsa Preservation Commission)

The building designed for the Midwest Marble and Tile company was itself an advertisement for the company's product. The alternating bands of black and white marble make a simple but striking appearance. After over 50 years the marble is smooth, shiny, and as rich in color as when it was new. Few materials are as permanent as marble.

The current occupant is Sharp Typesetting & Graphics.


  1. I love those rounded corners. Buildings that are not only attractively designed but are themselves examples of the owners business are exceptional.

  2. This is good history, and the photo's are my, my, is there any way possible that you guys can get some history on the old Moton Hospital on north pine and Greenwood street, across from Carver Jr Hi School. This old hospital has been there for decades, I am going to be 59 tomorrow, and mmannnnnny other people have ask about it, are could you show me I can do to get it list in the old hisioral blogs??...

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