Tuesday, August 25, 2009

TV Channel 2, KVOO (KJRH) in Tulsa, 1954

3701 South Peoria Ave

KVOO radio broadcast at 50,000 watts for many years and has a rich history in Tulsa radio. IN 1954 KVOO opened a new broadcast facility in the heart of the Brookside neighborhood and went on the air with television channel 2.

Above is a fine artists drawing of the new station. It really is not possible to get far enough away to get that good a perspective.

Tulsa TV Memories has a good history of both the radio station (HERE) and the TV station (HERE).

Television Channel 2 is the NBC station in Tulsa. Located in the tower is a live web cam which shares the view of Brookside. On a good day you might see my house. The station's website is HERE.


  1. My father was Bob Shaw, he was on the air doing radio, and tv.where can I get some old pictures?

  2. I don't know about pictures but I worked with your dad at Channel 2. He was one of my mentors on doing on camera TV weather.
    Alan Lambert
    I currently do an online radio series for TCC Tulsa